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We often hear about "Beauty Sleep". We've probably been told that getting eight hours of sleep a night is the best way to stay healthy...

We often hear about "Beauty Sleep". We've probably been told that getting eight hours of sleep a night is the best way to stay healthy. It is true, when I miss sleep or lack some couple of hours of sleep, my eyes look tired and my skin is less resilient. I came across an article which said that our skin is more open to repair and absorbing the benefits of creams and serums while we sleep.

I always put this beauty regimen in mind trying to get the magical eight hours of sleep putting night creams on and trying to get as much sleep as I could as my schedule would allow it.

What alarmed me recently was a discussion in Oprah's show about Sleep Wrinkles. I asked friends if they ever have heard about this issue and most of them said they saw it on Oprah too.

I made some research and discovered that this is a serious issue. Studies show that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, squishing our face into our pillow, and that poses the problem, over the years of doing the squishing of pillows, it leaves an imprint or mark on our skin. Especially on aging women or men, their skin loses elasticity. I am a right-side sleeper, so I looked into the mirror and held up a sheet of copy paper to cover the left side of my face then I moved the sheet to cover the right side of my face. The right side of my face actually had more fine lines on my cheek and deeper crow's feet. My right eye drops rather lower than my left. This was quite a revelation. I made a promise to myself to sleep on my back from then on. Each night, I started to lay on my back, but woke in the morning on my right side. Clearly, I couldn't solve this problem on my own, so I began a search for a solution.

Great news! I found several answers. The simplest and inexpensive way to handle it is to use a satin or silk pillowcase. There was this pillow case called the Scalpmaster pillow case, it is called the Scalpmaster because it was originally made to stop the hair breakage caused by sleeping on a cotton or percale pillowcase.

The concept is that satin or silk will not wrinkle underneath your skin, but will stay smooth and therefore leave no creases in your face. I found this pillowcase to be very comfortable. When I woke, I actually did not have the dreaded "bed head" so this was an added plus. After a few weeks of sleeping on this satin pillowcase, the creases on my cheek were actually less noticeable.