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What is this site? Why are you building it? What does it add to the already cluttered developer site community?

DevDirective came from the realization that 99% of the sites that host developer articles are terrible. Plastered in ads, articles are spread out across 5-10 pages to maximize their impressions, and for the most part articles are un-edited, incorrect, and quickly out of date.

When StackOverflow launched it created a better way to ask questions and get answers about programmer related topics. StackOverflow obsoleted developer forums for thousands of developers - there was no reason to trudge through the hard to navigate, ad plastered, and often incorrect forum sites.

The goal of DevDirective is to do the exact same thing to the terrible article sites that are still out there. A secondary goal is to help give great writers who are writing on individual blogs a place to get a larger readership than they can get on their blog.

So the question is how do we do it? What makes DevDirective different from the other article sites out there? Here are our four core tenants:

Edited content is king

DevDirective is based on the idea of Editors. Editors help to curate the content that is submitted to DevDirective. Editors are well respected members of their community and not only help to make sure the article are of high quality, but also correct and up-to-date.

Readability over Advertising

We will never sacrifice the readability of an article for a couple extra bucks in ad revenue. We will only be showing reasonable ads and will limit the number we display per page. There will be 1 - 2 ads inline with the article.

Quality over Quantity

Our goal isn't to pump out the most number of articles - each article is a reflection on DevDirective and incorrect or poorly written articles will be corrected or removed.

Great Content is Everywhere

There is a ton of great content on the web and part of DevDirective is our system for promoting links to articles on other sites. We don't care where the content is - if it's great we want to help you find it.

In true Lean fashion we are releasing a Minimum Viable Product - there is much we need to change and add - but we hope you are as excited about this idea as we are.

Please let us know what questions, issues, and complaints you have while using the site using the feedback section on the left.

James Avery